What can I expect to invest in my personal choices?

We take pride in providing an unbeatable list of included features that make us the best new home value in our area.  We are equally proud of our reputation as a leader in the industry, and we have worked hard to uphold that position by bringing you an extensive array of high quality available personal choices so that you can personalize your home.  Other home builders decide for you, but we know that you want the opportunity to choose the finishes and features that are most important to you and make your home uniquely yours. Our goal is to partner with you to create a home that meets your lifestyle needs and design preferences within an investment level that you are comfortable with. The choice is yours!

Can I bring my Friends/Family/Neighbor/Realtor/Interior Designer with me to my appointments?

We know that you are excited about the many personal selections you are about to make, and so are we!  Please understand that the Design Appointments are for Registered Buyers only, with no exceptions.  At the Design Consultation and Final Selection Appointments, it is necessary for your Design Consultant to review many details with you, and for you to concentrate on the final selections you will be making and that YOU will be living with everyday.

Can I make changes after the Final Selection Appointment?

As you know, if you find the need to make a change to your authorized selections, we will do our best to accommodate your change request if the stage of construction permits. However, please realize that there is a very strong likelihood that we may NOT be able to accommodate your request, and you should be prepared to consider these decisions as final by the end of this appointment.  If we are able to accommodate your change, please note that there is a $500 fee per Change Order and 15% markup for any changes we are able to implement. Lastly, we cannot guarantee that products available today will be available at a later date.  Therefore, we urge you to make sure that the day of your Final Selection Appointment you select all items you want in your home, and consider those selections to be complete and final.

Our goal is to make sure we can complete your home in the time frame we have promised to you, with the quality of construction you expect from us.  In order to do that, we will immediately move forward with the construction process once you have finished your Final Selection Appointment. Upon your authorization at that appointment, orders will be placed for your products, our team members will start meeting to review your home, and a very tight schedule of dozens of our trade partners and supplier partners will be put into place.  Therefore, even if you might think there’s still time to make a change, it is highly likely that that will not be possible after your Final Selection Appointment.